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The Thinnest Loser Confessions of an Unreformed Bulimic
Book Description
This book is a personal case study about how I thought I could control Bulimia and sending a stark warning that is a lie Bulimics tell themselves. It is raw and openly discusses habits of Bulimics and how it effects the mind. I self-published through Amazon Kindle Direct.
Additional Book Titles
Scar Wars Forged In Fright Release Date January 3, 2015
Location (city/state/country)
Moulton, Alabama U.S.
Author bio
I have always loved to write, When I was a little girl I received my very first diary, it was made to look like a small book with a lock and two keys. That diary would prove to be horribly haunting. After I finished writing on every page I dug a hole out by the old barn and buried it thinking I would never see it again. It played an integral part in the rest of my life. I wrote mostly for school projects and a lot of very intense poetry. That was no wonder since Edgar Allen Poe and Somerset Maugham were my favorite writers. I started writing in journals when I first married at seventeen and continued through the years on and off with the journals detailing most of my life. At the age of 46 I wrote my first book "Scar Wars Forged In Fright" and it is being published through a traditional publisher. I did not like the long waiting process the book was put into and since I wanted to be a published writer, I wrote another book. "The Thinnest Loser Confessions of an Unreformed Bulimic"it just flew onto the computer screen. I would almost not call attention to it because of all the errors I made but, the experience of actually publishing a book was totally gratifying. Now on January 3, 2015 The debut of my memoirs "Scar Wars Forged In Fright" will add another book to my credit. I am a beginner blogger and try not to bore my audience with too much of my everyday life. I am still learning and I am grateful for any advice in any area. I am a very kind person and I only surround myself with kind people.
Professional Speaker Topics
The Effects of Abuse on a Child's Emotional Growth, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Mental Health Advocacy
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"Do not ever look into the mirror without using the Eyes of God"
J.L. Pitts

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