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The Estrogen Question: Know Before You Say "No" to HRT
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When our body quits making almost any of its life-sustaining hormones, like thyroid hormone or insulin, no one questions the need for replacement therapy. Yet, when it comes to replacing a woman’s estrogen at the time of menopause, women and their health care providers are confronted with uncertainty. Is it safe to take estrogen, or better to live another twenty or thirty years without it?

Ever since estrogen was commercially available in the 1940’s there has been a love-hate relationship with hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Initially hailed as a miracle drug that relieved distressful symptoms and prevented life-limiting fractures, estrogen’s reputation eroded when claims of it being carcinogenic surfaced.

So, should women take estrogen treatment when they reach menopause? I wrote The Estrogen Question to help women make this very important decision. In the book I explain the critical role estrogen plays in a woman’s body and what happens when it is no longer produced at the time of menopause. The major bothersome symptoms of menopause – the hot flashes and night sweats – represent only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the changes that occur. Bone mass rapidly starts to decline, cholesterol levels increase, fat accumulates around the belly, and changes in metabolism occur that increase the risk of diabetes.

Estrogen treatment can dramatically reduce the risk of these adverse health impacts, yet the majority of women around the globe are not taking hormone replacement. In The Estrogen Question, I describe the controversies regarding hormone treatment and present the up-to-date research and expert opinion that explains why women are compromising their long-term health by avoiding HRT.
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Bellevue, Washington USA
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Dr. Sandra Rice is board-certified internal medicine specialist with over 35 years experience taking care of women in menopause and beyond. Throughout her decades-long career, she has witnessed the pendulum swing back and forth regarding the advisability of hormone replacement and has witnessed first hand how difficult it is for women to find reliable information about the benefits and risks of estrogen therapy. As a member of the North American Menopause Society and International Medicine Society, she has closely followed the studies and research on menopause treatment and has been passionate about educating mid-life women on how best to manage their health during this important phase of their lives.
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The young physician starts life with twenty drugs for each disease, and the old physician ends life with one drug for twenty diseases.
Dr. William Osler, circa 1910

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