Believe in who you are and trust that others will see your character shining through!
Most Recent Book Title
I Am Not An Anachronism
Book Description
Creative Non-Fiction a memoir of my career path throughout the course of my life. Culminating in my business as a Millennial Advocate
Location (city/state/country)
Trenton TN USA
Author bio
First generation High School graduate and a First-Gen college graduate. Have earned three degrees over the course of my lifetime and have enjoyed a successful career in Retail, industry, and business. Servant leader in business and a dedicated public servant in the private sector. Education is not just about what is in the books, it's about teaching character, community, and respect.
Professional Speaker Topics
Literacy, lifelong learning, and workforce development. The importance of education to a successful career.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Don't let ambition get in the way of opportunity.

  • Always speak with relevance, gratitude, and enthusiasm

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