Elisabeth Weigand
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Scatter my Ashes in the Fields Up Top
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Restless with wanderlust and anxious for adventure, a big-city Frankfurt woman’s life is forever changed when she encounters a completely different world—one of teeming nature, landscaped vistas, communion with animals, and the free human spirit—in the wild backcountry of the Yukon. There she meets local icon Mabel Brewster, owner of the nearby equine stable, who is legendary for her extensive knowledge of the land, her stubborn grit and self-sufficiency, and her outstanding rapport with horses. A series of breathtaking journeys, perilous adventures, and illuminating life lessons transform these unlikely friends into spiritually bonded soul sisters, whose love withstands the test of twenty-two adventurous years and will forever reverberate in the untamed heart of the majestic North.
Elisabeth Weigand lovingly pens a heart-wrenching tribute to the life of Mabel Brewster (1935-2015), whom she met upon her immigration to Canada’s Yukon Territory in 1993. Through a stunning retelling of her life in the remote north that is at once spellbinding, light-hearted, beautiful, and heartbreaking, the reader is transported to the last untamed frontier—where raw nature reigns supreme and true friendship never dies.
Additional Book Titles
Yukon River Expedition © 2006 ISBN 3-8334-4507-6
Elizabeth Weigand shares the true story of her nearly three-month-long journey in a canoe down the third longest river in North America, the mighty Yukon River, travelling from its source all the way to the Bering Sea.

Sieben Monate Weisse Einsamkeit © 2008 ISBN 9 783837 016918
Winter, Wildnis, Wölfe
Weigand recounts her winter-long stay in a self-built cabin in the remote Coast Mountains wilderness, cut off from civilization for seven months.
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Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada
Author bio
Elisabeth left Germany at the age of 36 with a MA degree in literature and linguistics from Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt/Germany and 7 years as computer consultant emigrating to Canada’s Yukon Territory. Here she first operated a highway lodge then co-founded a Yukon wide tourism outfit organizing and guiding canoe, hiking and horseback tours. In 2013 she incorporated her current transportation and day trip company. She lives with her two horses and her dog on an acreage north of Whitehorse.
Her passion to write about wilderness, nature, adventure and her lifestyle in the far North nurtured two Canadian Adventure Travel Books: Yukon River Expedition, a personal memory of her 3-month long canoe trip down the Yukon River from Marsh Lake to the Bering Sea. 7 Month of White Solitude, recounts her first winter off-grid in a remote, self-built wilderness cabin in the Coast Mountain, completely cut off from the world. Both works are in German and published by BoDgmbH in Norderstedt/Germany. Her recent memoir and first work in English: Scatter My Ashes in the Fields Up Top, honours her many years and equine adventures with her late friend and Yukon elder Mabel Brewster, an amazing lady as wild and true as Canada’s North. Scatter my Ashes was published in December 2019 with FriesenPress.
She has also published int the anthology Circumpolar Duet Singular Plurality, a group collaboration of Yukon’s visual and literary artists.
Elisabeth is a member of the Yukon Writers’ Collective Ink (YT), the Non-Fiction Author Association (CA), the Federation of BC Writers (BC) and participant of the delegation YukonFBM2020, bringing Yukon’s literature to the world stage at Frankfurt Book Fair 2020 (postponed to 2021).
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