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The Black Family Chronicles-Marriage, Murder, and Betrayal in 19th Century California
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Scotsman James Black's life embodied both a nineteenth-century American dream and a personal nightmare. After building an empire of cattle and dairy ranches, Black plunged into addiction after his wife's death at the hands of her son-in-law. After his own death, Black's daughter fought for four years, across two counties, for a fair portion of her father's $15 million-dollar estate.
Author bio
Jo M. Haraf’s fiction and poetry have been published in the California Writers Club Literary Review, Flash Fiction Magazine, and Ragnarok. She edited and co-authored Journal Across the Plains, a history of the Verdenal family's 1852 journey from Missouri to California. Her current work-in-progress (due 2021) is The Black Family Chronicles-Marriage, Murder, and Betrayal in 19th Century California.

Jo earned her MFA in Creative Writing at Pacific University. A regular speaker on the craft of writing, she is a proud member of the Historical Novel Society and the Biographers International Organization. She recently moved from Marin, California to Florida's Suncoast with her husband and a scruffy terrier whose adoration sustains her through revisions and rejections.
Professional Speaker Topics
Now and Before. Structuring your story for a retrospective narrator.

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