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Realville. How to Get Real in an Unreal World
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Our society degenerates into widespread willful distortion of beliefs, observable evidence, ideas, agendas, and news. In our time, when feelings and opinions masquerade as fact, we lose touch with what’s real To stop the unraveling of our social fabric, it is time for a book like Realville. How to Get Real in an Unreal Word. Realville examines the harm, causes, and cures across the full spectrum of untruthfulness (lying, cheating, denial, delusion, deception, pretense, and withholding). Realville helps us live up to the ethical standards of our personal values, profession, and religious faith. We can learn what products and services to buy, what news to believe, how to vote, and who we should seek as colleagues and friends. The book is valuable for all the places where character matters: the family, schools, churches, workplace, politics, and social interactions.
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Triune Brain, Triune Mind, Triune Worldview
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• Husband, father, and grandfather,
• Practicing veterinarian in Perry, Georgia,
• Full Colonel in the U.S. Air Force Reserves,
• Inventor with several patents,
• Software creator,
• Research scientist and full-professor teacher at Texas A&M University,
• Consultant to middle-school teachers throughout Texas and the nation,
• Presenter, keynote speaker at national and international conferences,
• Newspaper columnist,
• Blogger,
• Author of 21 books and 55 book chapters

Writing is his passion, which began with winning high-school essay contests and published magazine articles when he was a veterinary medical student and columnist for the award-winning Auburn Plainsman. As a student, the college selected him to edit its quarterly magazine, The Auburn Veterinarian. For six recent years, he wrote monthly columns on healthy lifestyles for six years for the local newspaper, The Bryan-College Station Eagle. For the last 10 years, he has written authoritatively about brain and behavior as a house blogger at Psychology Today, but he writes on other subjects too. His blog posts have over 3.5 million reader views. He authored 21 books, published by Bobbs-Merrill, Mosby, Wiley, Rowman and Littlefield, Skyhorse, and others. He participated in writer’s workshops in Austin, Belize, Honolulu, and Houston. His writing coach was Jane Anne Staw, who has taught writing at the University of Iowa, U. San Francisco, and U. California Berkeley. He participates in the Texas Writers Association, Writer’s League of Texas, the Non-fiction Authors Association, and subscribes to The Writer.

Bill continues scholarship and teaching of neuroscience and a writing course at Texas A&M. He is a widely published researcher and can write and speak with authority about brain and behavior. His research reports have over 5,000 citations. He has good command of language. Readers and reviewers frequently say his writing is "accessible."

Professor Klemm is a Texas A&M and Sigma Xi "Distinguished Scientist," a Distinguished Alumnus of Auburn University, and is listed in 19 biographical publications, including multiple-year listings in Marquis’ Who’s Who In America and Who’s Who in the World. He has impressive research credentials and can write and speak with authority on numerous aspects of brain and behavior.

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Make your brain work for you

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