Memoir about a school year in South Sudan
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Lessons from Afar
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A memoir about a school year spent in rural South Sudan to help open a newly built secondary school. The lessons that the author learned on the other side of the world about trust and vulnerability illustrate how to have a more expansive life. The book includes questions for the readers to reflect on how to apply what the author learned in South Sudan to their lives, no matter what circumstance they may be facing.
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Bio Information: Mary Higbee is a retired middle school English teacher living in northern California. After years of encouraging her adolescent students that they can write, Mary is now applying what she taught to her own work. Recently her creative nonfiction pieces were published in the Barnstorm Journal and the Coachella Review Online Blog. Mary self-published a memoir entitled Lessons from Afar about her experiences of opening a secondary school in South Sudan.
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