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Restoration manual (in print since 1991) for 1970-78 Datsun (Nissan) 240-280Z sports/GT cars. Revised ed. coming 2021 from CA Bill's Automotive Handbooks, Tucson AZ
Additional Book Titles
None; several in progress
Location (city/state/country)
Chici, CA
Author bio
75 year old veteran, retired (Kindergarten) teacher, Z CAR book in print thirty years, revised ed. in editing for 2021 release. Now writing fiction. Also Restoration Editor Z Car Magazine six years, many other non-fiction articles and blogs since 1978.
Professional Speaker Topics
Car restoration only
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

'Learn only what is in a lesson, don't be like the cat that sat on a hot stove lid; she will never sit on a hot lid again, but she won't sit on a cold one either!" Mark Twain

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