Paul Summers Jr.
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Manuscript (I'm My Kids Dad)
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Parenting and addiction memoir. Drug addled father of infant daughter battles chemical dependency, codependency, and a biased legal system to earn custody of his baby.
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Washington USA
Author bio
Paul Summers Jr. is a father, remarried with a blended family of three teenagers. He is a member of the Non-Fiction Authors of America, the Will To Write author critique group, attends PDX Writers, Authors and Writers Programs of America, and Willamette Writers Vancouver Chapter workshops. He attends 12 step meetings, is active in the recovery community, and is building a loyal engagement on social media. He has had several poems and short stories published in the past year, and has recently earned an Associate’s Degree from Portland Community College. Paul is the writer and voice of the Be Good To You podcast in which he offers hope, insight and suggestions toward dealing with the effects of addiction on families. His parenting website/blog is called I Am My Kids Dad (, in which he offers perspectives gained from his 13 years of sobriety. As a man having sole custody raising a daughter, Paul represents voices less often heard in memoir. The purpose of telling this story is to help families of addicts understand what their loved ones are experiencing.
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Family member with addiction.
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