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19 Things You Must Know (and that the Insurance Company Won't Tell You): If You've Been Injured In Tennessee or Mississippi
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The goal of this book to help injured people understand the various aspects of an injury claim and what to watch out for. Insurance companies can be deceptive when communicating with injury victims about their policies or the coverage of the at-fault parties. As a practicing personal injury attorney, David Gordon compiled these 19 tips for injury compensation to help not only his clients, but the general populous as well with understanding the issues to look out for in their injury claims. David Gordon believes that injury victims should be well equipped with the necessary knowledge to avoid being taken advantage of by insurance companies, and this book will ideally help victims become educated on how to work toward getting the compensation they deserve.
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David E. Gordon was educated at Tufts University in Medford, MA and Vanderbilt University Law in Nashville, TN. He focuses his Memphis, TN law practice exclusively on helping the injured. Mr. Gordon is one of the less than 2% of Tennessee lawyers who are board certified. He was selected as a Mid-South Super Lawyer in 2006 and 2011-15.
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