Carol Niemeyer
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Small Business Finance
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Today, in the 21st century, the limited partnership company is IN! And creating a small business, limited partnership, company is a fairly simple and easy thing to do. So good! So, read my book; and find out how to create your own successful, multi-million dollar, limited partnership company, today! It’s easy. So don’t delay!
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1. Curriculum Power! Education Power!
2. Sport's Company Finance!
3. Magazine Company Business & Finance!
4. How To Finance A Christian Resort!
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Carol Niemeyer is a graduate of Baylor University (1983). She grew up in Houston Texas. There she attended, and graduated, from Sharpstown High School (1978). She has also lived in Los Angeles, Reno, Lake Tahoe, Dallas, and Bozeman Montana. She has authored 5 books, all of which are available, under her name, on
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1. Limited Partnership Businesses
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Go Zero to Hero! Make It Happen!

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