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Just Fine Thank You
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Evelyn Leite’s true story of growing up in a turbulent family during the 40s and 50s compellingly captures the reader who is captivated by feeling the gamut of confusion and despair, sorrow and tears, then unexplainable hope and optimism. Just fine, thank you reveals how growing up with family secrets resulted in torment, fear and self-hatred.The reader will walks with her through tragedy, discovering how her life events and poor choices collide, impacting her sanity which hangs by a thread in a fight to the finish with darkness on one side and light on the other. The reader’s intrigue is heightened by glimpsing parts of themselves in her story.
Additional Book Titles
Dance Like There Is No Tomorrow, To Be Somebody, Women What Do We Want, A Fix For The Family Rift Caused By Addiction,
Location (city/state/country)
Rapid City, SD USA
Author bio
Installed in the SD Hall of fame In 2008.

Evelyn Leite LPCMHR List of Publications
Blood Sex and tears series are memoirs. Just Fine Thank You, Dance Like Theres No Tomorrow.
To Be Somebody (A tale of love heartbreak and hope)First published by Hazelden Publications Center City MN. 1980. Republished 2016.
Women:What Do We Want? (Changing your life is easier than you think) 2015
Available on amazon.com or www.womenwhatdowewant.com.
Detachment First published by Johnson Institute 1986, sold to Hazelden Publications in1990s,
Now available internationally through hazeldenpublications.com or amazon.com
Granite Oceans Amber Sea, Black Hills Writers Press. A Day At The Rally available on Amazon.com
Black Hills Literary Journal: Black Hills Writers Press, A Sunday From Innocence All books available from amazon.com

Publications by Johnson Institute all purchased by Hazelden Publications but currently out of print.
When Daddy Is A Drunk, What Do You Tell The Children?
Newcomers To Al-Anon
Different Like Me A book for Kids whose parents are alcoholic
How It Feels To Be Chemically Dependent.
100 articles in Magazines and Newspapers.
Black Hills Weekly Journal
Well National Magazine
Eyes On You Magazine

Professional Speaker Topics
What Constitutes Addiction, Raising Self Esteem, What Is Codependency, You And The Communication Issues You Face., Helping Those Less Fortunate, Recognizing Mental Health Issues in Coworkers, Getting The Most out of Your Life. Coping With Complicated Grief, (Yours or Someone Else's)
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"If you have faith small as a mustard seed nothing will be impossible for you."

  • Just Fine Thank You

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