Hema Crockett
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Designing Exceptional Organizational Cultures
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For a company to outperform the competition and achieve sustainable business growth, it needs a high performing, engaged and committed workforce with the skills the business needs both now and in the future. Attracting, motivating and retaining top talent can't be done simply by attaching individual benefits to specific job roles. To be effective, companies need to build an exceptional company culture where people want to work and that allows them to develop and perform to their full potential. Designing Exceptional Organizational Cultures is a practical guide for CEOs, HR and OD professionals which explains how to proactively design, build and foster a culture that creates employee and business success.

This book provides guidance on all elements of building a top performing culture including how to show up as a leader and how to identify and define core company values and embed them throughout policies, processes and behaviours. It also shows how to create an organizational structure that leverages employees' strengths for optimum performance. It covers how to assess what roles the business needs, how to recruit for future success and make the most of non-traditional hires as well as covering employee engagement, motivation, reward, diversity and inclusion. With practical examples, tips and advice throughout, Designing Exceptional Organizational Cultures is crucial reading for anyone needing to build a culture that attracts the very best talent and achieve sustainable business growth.
Author bio
Hema Crockett is a military spouse, entrepreneur, business leader and former HR executive, leading successful and award-winning teams in the private sector, as well as internationally for the U.S. State Department and the Department of Justice. She was named a 2020 40 Under 40 Top Business Leader by the San Diego Business Journal. Hema is the Co-Founder of the advisory firm, High Performanceology, and also modern talent agency, Gig Talent, utilizing her expertise to create environments where employees can thrive and grow. Hema is driven by her WHY—to challenge what is, so that others can imagine and achieve what can be. Hema is a certified leadership coach focused on helping others turn their passion and purpose into action. She is also a highly sought-after speaker on a range of topics in entrepreneurship, individual and team leadership, organizational culture and building diverse teams. She has been published in Forbes and Thrive Global, among other publications. She lives in San Diego, California, with her husband.
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Entrepreneurship, individual and team leadership, organizational culture, building diverse teams

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