A Bibble Babble Christmas
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Forest Animals
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Animals + Riddles + Silly sounds = Bibble Babble Fun.
A read, rhyme, snort, howl, laugh-together riddle adventure for kids of all ages.
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, Farm Animals, Ocean Animals, Pets, Halloween, A Bibble Babble Christmas
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Valerie grew up in Utica, MI and relocated to sunny Central Florida...ummm, about 25 years ago. She is a graduate of the University of Central Florida with a Journalism and Business degree. She loves spending time with her family, friends and her pets which include (in size order) Gus Gus the Great Dane, Thor the boxer mix, Clint/Hawkeye the Panther Chameleon, Mr. & Mrs. Noodle - twin pipefish and two tiny Seahorses called Snape and Cersei.

Seeing little faces light up, wiggling and jumping with excitement while trying so hard to keep from yelling out their guesses, along with those who just can't control themselves and scream them out are her favorite parts of sharing her rhyming, riddle-y, silly sound making stories.
  • Valerie & Gus Gus

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