Laura L. Whittemore
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Financial Infidelity: Love and Theft in Retirement: Conversation with a Victim
Book Description
Brenda is the perfect prey, retired, single and living in an affluent neighborhood. What began as a love affair then marriage, turns into a deceitful array of half-truths until she’s suddenly blindsided by flagrant lies and theft. Was it premeditated or was Steve’s world secretly unraveling and using desperate measures to save himself?In reading the dialogue with the victim, you will question how this can happen and could it happen to you? Read this unbelievable true story and you be the judge.
Additional Book Titles
Understanding Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI): An Insightful Guide to Symptoms, Treatments and Redefining Recovery
Location (city/state/country)
Whitefish, MO USA
Author bio
As an educator, entrepreneur, life coach and author, I’ve gained experience through careers and accidental events. I truly see myself as the messenger to empower people of all ages through my writing. The first books I co-authored with the expert, Mary Ann Keatley, PhD, CCC, were to help Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) survivors understand the symptoms. Not only offering treatment options but also hope for recovery because of the magnificent resilience of the brain. People often asked what my expertise was in this endeavor. Perhaps having a horse fall on me, fracturing my skull, gave me insight into this life-changing injury. The next book I was compelled to write is about financial infidelity because it happened to my best friend. Witnessing her struggle with trust and suspicions and most of all the grief that followed, I felt her story needed a voice to warn unsuspecting women of predators disguised as loving partners.

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