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Tensor Technology Guide: Tensor Ring Benefits And Uses
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The author explains the precise calculations regarding Tensor ring effects on the Human DNA for educational purposes. This book is formatted for you to learn easily and implement these instructions for your own daily rejuvenation thru the tensor technology. With my own experience I have been able to increase my DNA Conductivity thru ought my body and thus awakening my senses to a much higher level. I want you to embrace this healing technology as I did and increase your daily functions.
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• Systematic Gardener Implementation Handbook: The Handbook Book With Systematic Forms, Contracts & Documents Vol. 1 and 2, 2019, ISBN 1794460462

• Teal’s Health Guide Book Edition 1: Here is what really makes us healthy and awake, 2019, ISBN 1794368825

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• Tensor Technology Guide: Tensor Ring Benefits And Uses, 2019, ISBN 1795593091

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• The Gardeners Client Log, 2019, ISBN 1096450070

• The Site Design Plan Book, 2019, ISBN 1097106519

• The Sacred Secretion Oil: The Key To Longevity, 2019, ISBN B07SPD5T6W

• Shugite, 2019, ISBN B07SV32VB2

• Designer Dining Matched To Your Own DNA: Grow Your Vegetables & Fruits With your DNA Encoded Seeds, 2019, ISBN B07SZ9V2BP

• Common Toxic Plants: Plants Found To Be Toxic For Human Consumption, 2019, ISBN B07T3TRWPX

• Kindergarten Curriculum At Home: 66 Day Lesson Plan Workbook, 2019, ISBN 1699253218

• The Gardener Crew Member Handbook, 2019, ISBN 1703418360


• The 7-Main Chakras: Health is the new you, 2020, ISBN B089M2J4ZB

• The Teachers Weekly Academic Planner, 2020, ISBN 1088725708

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Teal Kimball (Pronunciation: [t ee l K IH M - b uh l]; 19 August 1988) is an American author and owner of Teal's Green Garden Care, best known for providing vital spiritual health research statistics, Horticulture systematic techniques, garden company operations in books and public lectures.

Born and raised in Northern California, Teal went to college and studied Horticulture and Agriculture in the year of 2010 without receiving a Horticulture or Agriculture degree, With practical and physical experience in the field of Horticulture, Teal has been able to instruct students worldwide via online lecture courses and knowledgeable Audiobooks. A researcher of Quantum Physics, Teal become an enthusiast to quantum bio signatures and therefore has discovered the BIO SIGNATURE OF LIFE imprint and has implemented it in free products also sharing it openly.
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Health, Wellness, Spirituality, Healing, Quantum, Garden and Lawn Care
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The Study of Health, Wellness, Quantum Mechanics, Metaphysics, Alchemy and the Laws of Nature.
Tealgonite Product's aid in the invigoration process & boosting your immune system, your cells and DNA,
So you can live to the fullest potential in your daily life.

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