William Stephenson
Services Offered
Most Recent Book Title
A New Way to Hope
Book Description
True stories of children, youth and adults who lost hope when they were diagnosed with a terminal illness and how they found hope again.
Additional Book Titles
Sunrises and Sunsets, 2020. A Daily Journal of Renewal, Redemption, and Rejoicing
Conversations, 2017, Stories and Poems That Speak to Our Soul
A Gift To Self, 2015, Poems and Stories of Recovery, Forgiveness, Healing and Reconciliation
Location (city/state/country)
San Diego, CA
Author bio
Dr. William Stephenson, PhD recently retired from the mental health field which included his private practice counseling those struggling with a life-threatening illness and those with complicated grief. He was also employed by a large insurance company to review therapists and facilities to bring a higher level of quality to their constituents.
Professional Speaker Topics
What do you say to someone who is dying. What don't you say?

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