Chimezie Ihekubna (Mr. Ben)
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7 Mistakes Christians Make
Book Description
Its purpose is aimed at creating a “resonance”, that is, a thorough agreement in the behavior depicted by Christians in churches and attitudes shown outside the recognition of their churches. By re-defining the apparently unknown Christianity-associated phenomena through bible-based references, insight-given assertions and life instances The recognition, titled “7 Mistakes Christian Make” is a self-help, spirituality-based and ministry-empowered Christian gift which acts as a watch dog; searching the lives of Christians, identifying certain wrongs and proffering bible-based remedies to them.
It is makes vivid the various mistakes depicted by Christians in many churches. By extension, it identifies these acts as being portrayed by the so-called men of God. With the use of bible-based scriptures and true-to-life stories and instances, the work piece is aimed making readers see crystal-clear the mistakes Christians are fond of making-knowingly and or unknowingly.
The identity can be used by all Christians, irrespective of denomination; Catholic, Baptist, Anglican, Protestant, Presbyterian, Calvinist, Methodist and so on. Simply, it is an all-Christian-friendly search light!
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Location (city/state/country)
Lagos/Lagos State/Nigeria
Author bio
Mr. Ben, as he fondly called, is unequivocally poised to face-lift
humanity to heights it ought to attain by the impacting mechanism of
knowledge-timeless values he had acquired through the years by
experience and reason-using writing as the parameter.

He has demonstrated the feat by the fiction works. Mr. Ben is still
counting. They are all available for perusal as synopses at

Reading, communicating with people, traveling, and singing are the
very hobbies of the based-in-Lagos-Nigeria author.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Determination without conception is like reaching a destination without intention

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