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Tent for Seven
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To this day several members of the Ohlhaut family are still too traumatized to talk about what happened on their two week camping trek in the wilderness of the Canadian Rockies. In his quest to ease his guilty conscious for the part he played in their sojourn, Marty, the patriarch, documented the ill-fated expedition.
Upon reflection he quickly discovered that this had not been his only excursion fraught with reckless abandon and near catastrophe.
With self-awareness and humor Marty recounts the days of their ill-fated expedition as well as several other jaw-dropping escapades of his youth.
Captured and written by his daughter, Grace, the duo paints a vivid picture of the magnificent grandeur of the wilderness. Delightfully entertaining and beautifully written. Though fraught with misfortune, this book will inspire you to grab a tent and head out on an adventure of your own.
Author bio
Grace Ly worked for the White House and undercover for the Central Intelligence Agency. She traveled the world extensively visiting over 30 countries including Mongolia, Vietnam, Thailand, Kuwait, the Philippines, Wales and Morocco while living abroad for three years in South Korea, Iraq and Germany. She’s hiked mountains in North Korea, slept under the stars in the Sahara Desert, went dogsledding across the Arctic Circle, rode camels through the Gobi Desert, floated in the Dead Sea and ran with the bulls in Spain. She’s written for the U.S. military, the American Red Cross, the White House and numerous feature stories for the CIA. Grace is an avid equestrian. She lives in Charlotte, NC with her British husband, son, Siberian husky, Siamese cat and Friesian horse.

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