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Baby Out of Wedlock: Co-parenting Basics From Pregnancy to Custody
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Baby Out Of Wedlock is the first and only guidebook written specifically to help the millions of unmarried parents who find themselves involved in an unexpected pregnancy.

Jessica and Jim know what you’re feeling because they’ve been through it. Both of their unplanned pregnancies quickly devolved into full-out custody battles. They made many rookie mistakes, some costing thousands of dollars in legal fees, but eventually survived as successful co-parents with happy, healthy children.

Baby Out of Wedlock neatly packages all their hard-earned advice into one unique guidebook covering everything that has you worried right now, including when to get a paternity test, where to find a good family law attorney, how custody and child support work, what to expect regarding visitation rights, how to write a bulletproof parenting plan, how to solve future disputes in a timely manner, and many other co-parenting questions you’ve not even thought of yet.
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Years before Jim and Jessica Braz married, they each had a child born out of wedlock with another partner. They wrote Baby Out of Wedlock to answer basic, but common questions about this situation, thereby reducing legal bills and leading to healthier co-parenting relationships.
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