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Make Money on the Internet: How to Turn Your Website into a Cash-Making Machine
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This book is designed for anyone who owns a small to medium-sized business selling products or services. It’s for readers with any level of website experience, whether building and maintaining a site or working with an outside professional, the tips and techniques outlined in this book will get anyone started with monetizing an online presence.

Divided into four parts, Make Money On The Internet provides an easy-to-follow roadmap to success by identifying:
• The elements that makes a site sell well
• How to generate free traffic to a site
• How to capitalize on social media to drive traffic and sales
• How to put it all together into a cohesive, comprehensive plan
At the end of each chapter is a handy resource list and action steps that every reader can begin taking right away.

It is a one-stop shop for business owners who are struggling to generate sales and profits through their website. No matter where someone is in their business, this book will outline specific steps to get started today.
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Stow, Ohio USA
Author bio
Angie is the owner of Annibury, LLC, an expert business writer and sought-after communication strategist and ghostwriter with nearly 20 years of experience. Having worked with companies ranging from small, independently owned companies to multi-billion dollar, international corporations, Angie works with clients in a wide-range of industries to help them develop the perfect communication plan. She is able to take any concept or idea and bring it to life.

Angie graduated from Bowling Green State University before going on to Florida Atlantic University for her MA. While working on her PhD at Kent State University, Angie decided to make the leap into the business world and never looked back. When not writing and copyediting, Angie is spending time with her dogs, at the gym or working on her latest award-winning needlework project.
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Strive to be the person your dog things you are.

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