Sarah Hawkes Valente

Sarah Hawkes Valente
Little Children. Big God.
“Little Children. Big God.” is an intricate weaving of deep study and childhood wonder as told by Sarah Hawkes Valente, a mother of five young children. Each chapter introduces essential doctrine through beautifully concise narrative—simplifying sometimes confusing scriptures while still preserving their integrity. Sarah challenges us to diligently teach our children, to be continually taught by the mouth of our Father, and to apply His eternal precepts to our everyday lives. This book is for anyone in search of renewed, child-like eyes with which to more clearly see the heart of our great big God.
31 Days to Lovely: A Journey of Forgiveness
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Sarah Hawkes Valente is a Torah following, whole Bible believing, follower of Yeshua and a seven-year veteran to the world of Mommy-blogging. She began blogging her grateful tale after God performed resuscitation on her young marriage; she continued sharing when that marriage crumbled again. Sarah is currently loving life in the mountains with her five young children. She’s the author of “31 Days to Lovely: a journey of forgiveness” which is a devotional based on her experiences. In 2013 she released a simple approach to serious theology in “Little Children. Big God.” Sarah is currently partnering with her twindom (plus one) to write their adventures in a series for children.