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Twenty Won
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In an unprecedented year, 21 women pivoted and persevered for success in 2021. These strong, determined women had the drive to start (and re-start) their businesses, they kept their established businesses afloat, and they raised awareness and funds for their nonprofit organizations... all during the year of COVID-19. Though 2020 presented so many unknowns in the entrepreneurial space, so much good was achieved too. Twenty Won is an anthology of 21 female business owners and nonprofit leaders sharing stories of business resilience during the 2020 global crisis. It is a celebration of those achievements to inspire and empower you to triumph over your trials, too! Despite the challenges of 2020, Twenty Won!
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Pittsburgh, PA, USA
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In 2020 - the year of necessary changes for small businesses, nonprofits, and corporations... Kelli found the courage to follow her dreams - to start a business and become a published author.

Kelli is the creator, project manager, and a contributing author of "Twenty Won", an anthology of 21 female entrepreneurs sharing their stories of business resilience during the global pandemic. Her chapter, "From Imposter to Inspiration" focuses on how she overcame imposter syndrome to start her business and inspire a group of women to participate in the Twenty Won book.

Kelli loves to share her career history and how she went from feeling like an imposter, to being an inspiration. She enjoys honest, down-to-earth conversations and is continually finding ways to use her experiences to mentor other women. Her diverse professional background includes writing and storytelling, PR and communications, team leadership and management, marketing and new business development, and event planning and execution.

Kelli is the president and CEO of K2 Creative, a content, marketing, and branding firm which she started in the middle of the 2020 global pandemic. She works with many small business clients, but has found a niche in providing creative copywriting, PR, and marketing services to female business owners, authors, coaches, and speakers. Her combined social media reach is over 3,600 and growing daily!

Besides a writer and a marketer, Kelli is a mom, a wife, a daughter and sister, an aunt and friend, and a type II diabetic. In her free time, you'll find her writing, cooking and entertaining family and friends, reading food labels, drinking wine, spending time outdoors, walking, cheering on the Steelers, and "picking" at garage sales and antique stores.
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Lover of love, writing, and food... Hater of hate, chaos, and stemless wine glasses.

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