Margaret Meloni, Ph.D.
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Sitting with Death: Buddhist Insights to Help You Face Your Fears and Live a Peaceful Life
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What is dealing with death like for others? Specifically, what is this like for other Buddhists? Do Buddhist spiritual teachers have the magic no suffering wand?

These questions began Margaret Meloni's quest to seek out Buddhist spiritual teachers to discuss death after her own experience with loss. Twelve wonderful wise teachers answered her call and, in doing so, they also reached out to you and answered your questions on the following topics:
Loss of a Parent
Loss of a Spouse
Meditation and Grief
Overcoming Regret
How to Help Others Through Grief
Love and Attachment
How to Accept Sadness and Joy
How to Get Beyond Fear and Anxiety

The teachings of twelve Buddhist teachers, along with Margaret’s own experience with death, are here waiting for you and seeking to show you their versions of Death Dhamma.
Additional Book Titles
Carpooling with Death: How living with death will make you Stronger, Wiser and Fearless
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Long Beach, CA, USA
Author bio
Margaret Meloni is a businessperson, Buddhist practitioner, and an advocate for what she calls Death Dhamma. The practice of inviting the awareness of death into your life. She has seen how Buddhism, combined with a healthy respect for the Grim Reaper, has helped her create a life with more peace and less suffering.

One day, while navigating the demands of everyday life: family, friends, work, and studying for her Ph.D.; she realized that more significant challenges were coming her way.

She began to realize that the people she loved were going to die. Her mother-in-law, Lee, was in her nineties, her parents were approaching their eighties, and her husband, Ed, had already outlived his father. She had already said goodbye to others.

She began to wonder, “How can I handle losing the people I love the most?”

She knew that death would come but was fearful that she would be unprepared. She used to tell herself that she was not afraid of her death but did not want to be left behind by the ones she loved. She knew that she was unrealistic.

Death did come, and it was her Buddhist practice that sustained her as she grappled with the loss of her closest family members. She began to envision death as a friendly companion. The Grim Reaper was doing his job. And now that she has made friends with death, her goal is to help all of us to accept death as an essential part of life.

Margaret earned her Ph.D. in the field of Buddhist Studies.

Margaret is a dynamic speaker who combines inspiration, common sense, and a dash of humor.
Professional Speaker Topics
Margaret is available as a podcast guest, for a book signing, or to give dhamma talks on death.

If you prefer a more secular talk, please consider:

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How to Navigate the Holidays
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Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"We are all just walking each other home." - Ram Dass

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