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Outposts of Change - How to Fundamentally Change Almost Everything We Do And Why We Must ... Launch date - November 2021
Book Description
Outposts highlights the failures of our existing social structures of governance, commerce, finance and religion based upon documented adverse environmental and social justice impacts. It identifies the fundamental role of each structure and suggests new goals for each. It then outlines how to implement and enable evolutionary levels of social change; the only level of change capable of saving us and Earth from ourselves. Ultimately, Outposts is about galvanizing the largest movement of progressive social change ever attempted.
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Santa Barbara, California USA
Author bio
During the early 1980s, Ben was corporate counsel to a high tech energy company tasked with creating solar energy to pull hydrogen from water for use as a green transportation fuel. He then practiced real estate law in Santa Barbara for 25 years, invested in real estate and most importantly, studied how we humans operate a global society. Ben is an environmentalist, a humanist, an outdoor enthusiast, skier, surfer, explorer, backpacker, author and father. He lives in the Santa Barbara area with his wife of 37 years.

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