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"Lula's Sweet Baby"
Book Description
Truth in a nutshell. That is what "Lula's Sweet Baby" is about. Paul Fitzgerald Bennett takes the reader through an honest journey of the human spirit. Much of its travels are through dark and blasphemous streets, with moments of hope lit roads serving as possible salvation, for a species, Bennett thinks, deserves every bit of the hellish end that awaits it.
Location (city/state/country)
Houston, Texas
Author bio
Paul Fitzgerald Bennett is an award winning journalist who has almost 20 years experience in every area of journalism. In 2008, the Houston Press Club placed Bennett third as its Texas Print Journalist of the year for print publications. Bennett is an alumnus of Howard and Texas Southern University where he earned a BA in Journalism. Currently, Bennett is an English teacher at Milby High School in Houston, Texas.

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