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New Paths To Side Businesses ( 2nd edition)
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The second edition of New Paths To Side Businesses is looking at the alternative forms of passive income and making extra money on the side. The author examines on how side businesses could be utilised as a form of side-working to make extra money while handling other responsibilities in life such as family commitments, part-time job, studying, volunteering or ecumenical activities.Also, the author explains the contextualisation of business ideas, different types of microbusinesses, side-hustles with combination of guerilla marketing and social media strategies.

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New Paths To Side Businesses ( first edition)
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has public speaking experiences and engagement from students voice conference with elected executives in front of students at Middlesex University to small business owners in Moss Side as CIC project as a digital business consultant. Born and raised in Kampala, Uganda and lived in Sweden & UK. He speaks English, Spanish, French and many others. In 2013, he studied part-time bachelor of science degree in Psychology, while running a microbusiness and due to changes in circumstances, he gained a certificate in higher education with good honours. Previously worked as sales representative for a B2B sales and marketing company to apprentice recruitment consultant for a small company to student voice leader for BSc Psychology and elected school voice leader for Health & Education at Middlesex University student's union. In his twenties of embarking in the journey of self publishing and writing in helping others with image consultancy to social entrepreneurship of sharing ideas and free consultancy through social entrepreneurship workshops and business events in some parts of Manchester. Completed two business courses such as POD DIGITAL-Enterprise Start Up Programme & The Prince's Trust Explore Enterprise with areas of skills to run a business, marketing and selling, pricing, book-keeping & cash flow forecasting, business plan topics, structure and mentoring.Over ten years of experiences in developing his writing and editing capabilities in helping others with various solution oriented missions as social entrepreneur. In his spare time, he volunteers for his local parish St Paul Church in the most deprived area in various of ecumenical, social and community missions.
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