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Creative Writing
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Your Last 24 Preparing for the Inevitable
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Discover the life-long benefits of courageously facing the inevitable. Do you have the courage to face death? In this first book in the Legacy Series, Kendall R. Keeler, who appears to be in perfect health, proposes three principles for anyone who desires to courageously face their own eventual death: 1) learn death's purpose; 2) accept its inevitability; 3) deliberately allow death's reality to become your coach for making better decisions while living.
Additional Book Titles
Her Last 24 Desiring to be Remembered
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Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Author bio
Kendall R. Keeler, the author of Your Last 24, a Christian author, is creative, unique, and authentic in his writing. Kendall R. Keeler started his writing career through rhythmic rhymes and music lyrics in the 1990s. He recruited his older brother and some friends to record an eclectic album of rap, spoken word, pop, and R&B. In the 2000s as a youth pastor Kendall wrote sermons and Bible studies. Then when his career changed directions, he continued writing articles for organizational newsletters and several summer Bible school curriculums. Kendall also dabbled in writing and recording some dramatic devotionals for kids on the Lancaster radio station WJTL. Kendall’s passion for writing this series of books sprang from the daily pondering of his Last 24 questions. He wonders what will spring into your life when you courageously ask yours.
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How To Face Death With Courage

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