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Star Hands Ranch
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Back from Iraq, Elizabeth Olds returns to civilian life as a single mom and a dream. She wants to live on a ranch for rescue horses and foster children. How will she make her dream come true? Learn from her how to make your dreams come true.
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Happy Tales
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Carmichael, CA
Author bio
After serving in a US Navy Squadron, Elizabeth Stewart managed a horse ranch and a small stable of Thoroughbred race horses based in Elk Grove, CA. After a few years working as a job coach, she then moved to Colusa, CA to teach in elementary schools, foster children and crew for an international endurance riding team.
Professional Speaker Topics
Elizabeth is delighted to speak about how to start finding and fulfilling your dreams. Ask the right questions and visualize your goals are a few of the tips.

Other topics include, looking good on a budget, eating well on a budget, and working out with only a few minutes to spare each day.

Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

At this time, in this place, I have everything I need.

When God created the horse, he breathed upon the summer wind.

If you are not having fun, then you are not doing it right.

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