Yvette Long
Services Offered
Professional Development & Workshop, Assemblies, Speak at Events, Conferences, etc.
Most Recent Book Title
African American History: The Untold Stories
Book Description
The truth is, if you don't know your history, you lose your civilization and your culture. If the primary history that children of African Descent are taught boils down to "we came from slaves," we not only lose the rich complexity of the African culture, but we start children off with a "less than equal" subtlety that disengages them from wanting to learn their history or to be a part of a system which stands for principals of justice and equality but yet lives according to a much different system, one of corruption and profits at all cost. This needs to change.
Location (city/state/country)
Chester, New Jersey USA
Author bio
Yvette Long is the President of Aspire where she works to educate students on how to reduce their risky behaviors and decisions, while also teaching them methods to manage their time, goals and decision-making skills.
She is also the founder of Platinum Minds where in 2006 she was reading a local newspaper article, which described dangerous neighborhoods where young boys faced daily intimidation and enormous pressure to join street gangs – an environment where promising young students could be killed as they walked to school or played in the local park.
She recently wrote a book about African American History and raising self esteem in our youth.

She holds the following designations:
Counselor Issuing authority New Jersey
Certified Teacher Issuing authority New Jersey
Student Personnel Services/Guidance & Administration Issuing authority New Jersey
Teacher of Psychology Issuing authority New Jersey
Honors and Awards:
New Jersey Hero Outstanding Non-Profit Leadership, Nominee
Montclair State University Award
Outstanding Professional Achievement
Unity Way of Northern New Jersey
Chair Mentoring Coalition
Boy Scouts of American
Boy Scout Tribute to Women of Achievement Award
Professional Speaker Topics
African American History
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

" A people without a sense of history are ill-equipped to visualize and plan a future because of an unclear and distorted/miseducated picture of their past."

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