Tami Richards
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Heroic Vignettes
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These brief biographies portray the wisdom and strength of female heroes found throughout history, women who rose above their circumstances to improve their lives and their world.
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Salem Oregon USA
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A little over twenty years ago, and quite by accident, I happened across the fact that I was a student of history. Our family began going to church with some our friends and it wasn’t long before I was totally enraptured by all the swords, sorcery and begetting that was going on between the pages of a book which had sat dormant on my bookshelf for some twenty or so years. I have been turning the pages of books ever since, and over time I have found that I like to read my history within the dramatic impact of the biography. Once I discovered that, I became a voracious reader of biographies. The new series of books, Heroic Vignettes, is something that I am writing in order to not only reveal heroes, but also to encourage readers toward a curiosity in history. The books in the series are small because I am aiming toward presenting a giftable, or shareable, bit of inspiration.
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Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

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  1. Dana Rubin

    Nice to find you here, Tami. I think we are kindred spirits!
    And I think you will appreciate my women’s speech archive — the Speaking While Female Speech Bank, at SpeakingWhileFemale.co
    It’s the world’s largest collection of women’s speeches, including by many of the women you mention in your blog.
    Would be lovely to stay in touch, one way or another. Best of luck with your writing!
    Dana Rubin


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