Jerry Albritton, PMP
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Freelance Writing, Blogger
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America's Other Pandemic
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A Christian's perspective on the rapid decaying of America's moral foundation. It presents a thought provoking conversation on the cultural, social, spiritual, political, and racial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and how the unprecedented events of 2020 and 2021 have exacerbated the moral decline in American society. It brings a stark reality of the fight for America's soul to the forefront of America's consciousness. The book connects recents traumatic events, changes in cultural and societal norms, with Biblical passages, to encourage the reader to examine their relationship with God and their neighbors to change their heart, mind, and soul. The hope is that by abandoning past practices and looking forward, Americans can forge a new path to restoring America's moral foundation and values now and for generations to come.
Location (city/state/country)
Brandenburg, Kentucky (USA)
Author bio
Jerry is a freelance writer and blogger, author of "America's Other Pandemic", and host of his blog "Prayer Box Inspirations". He has over 45 years of life experiences compiled from 22 years of active duty service as an officer in the U.S. Air Force, plus 21 more years of service as a Senior Program Manager with several Defense Department contractor companies. After retiring, he served as a licensed pastor in the United Methodist Church. As a man with steadfast trust in the Lord, he brings in-depth knowledge, education, and fundamental beliefs to his writings. Using his two degrees in psychology, he brings a profound understanding of human behavior into his writings that he warmly shares with his readers.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"Never, never, never quit" - Winston Churchill

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