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Navigating the Clickety Clack Volume 2
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What is "The Clickety-Clack"? Remember when you had a ten-speed bicycle, and you changed from one gear to another? There is that moment when the chain is jumping from one gear to the next gear, but it has not clicked in yet. What sound does it make? Clickety-clack . . . clickety-clack. You have faith it will catch eventually, so you keep pedaling the bike. Your faith pays off because the chain eventually catches, and when it does, you are off in a better gear! If you are in this uncomfortable space between gears—you are in "The Clickety-Clack".

In this book, you will:

•Receive "Tips and Tools" from a wide variety of Experienced Voices
•Discover you have the "Power to Overcome" any-and-all Life Challenges
•Learn how to make "Positive Changes" in your Emotional and Spiritual Health
•Open your eyes to "New Possibilities" hidden within Challenging Times
•Become the One who can find "Peace and Calm" in the Chaos
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The story of my journey to wholeness is coming soon.
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Oxnard, CA USA
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I am an Integrative Wellness Coach, Business Owner, Public Figure, and Entrepreneur. I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics degree in 2002, and have been coaching individuals and helping them make powerful life changes ever since.

For 34 years I also dealt with severe health challenges, and was often described as “the girl allergic to the world”. At the age of 49 I became very ill and started down an amazing healing journey that has led to a full healing and a powerful spiritual awakening. My journey has helped me incorporate the spiritual and energetic aspects of healing into my coaching, in addition to the physical and emotional components. It has also provided me with a wealth of information on the various healing modalities that are available to assist those individuals that are stepping into bravery and also saying “Yes” to a full and complete healing. My coaching style is informative and nurturing, as I empower individuals to take control of their lives and heal physically, mentally, spiritually and energetically.

I work primarily with beautiful souls who are tired of suffering or feeling like there is so much more they are supposed to be doing in this lifetime, but simply don’t know how to get out of the mud they are currently stuck in; Individuals that have chronic illnesses, have had recent or past traumas, have high stress in their daily lives or have an ongoing ache in the core of their being that they are unique and have gifts that they just don’t know how to access.

Individuals that join The Underlying Answers Membership are willing to look deep inside themselves and put in the hard work to find the Underlying Answers to all their questions, so they can take back their lives and become more of who they are meant to be in this world.
Professional Speaker Topics
My talks are focused on the concept of "Choosing You" and doing the work to heal all four aspects of life: emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic. Healing is a journey, and by focusing on all four of these important quadrants, individuals can begin to peel away the layers of trauma and dis-ease as they say YES to the truth of who they are.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Say Yes to the Truth of Who You Are! Chose you every single day!

  • Navigating the Clickety Clack

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