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Small Business Tax Facts
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Small Business Tax Facts: An Easy-to-Understand Guide for Canadian Small Business Owners teaches you the fundamentals and the facts about income and tax.

Keeping your business on the right side of tax collectors is easier than you think. Simple errors, oversights, and miscalculations can result in costly audits and/or fines. Don’t let that happen to you! Learn how to navigate taxes, pay only what you owe and on time and save your hard earned money by claiming the deductions that you are entitled to.

Inside this comprehensive and helpful guide for unincorporated business owners, you’ll discover:

a comprehensive list of business expenses and deductions with examples

income tax as a small business or self employed owner

insights into tax brackets and rates

the differences between being an employee and a small business/self employed

how and why to register for an online CRA Account

the difference between tax deductions and tax credits and how to maximize them

the essentials of small business/self employed accounting

how to prepare and file your business income tax return

how to prepare your sales tax (GST/HST) returns

CPP contributions and how to calculate them

and so much more!
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Author bio
My name is Ronika Khanna. I’m a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), Chartered Accountant (CA) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and the founder of Montreal Financial, an accounting, tax and financial consulting services business. After having worked as an accounting professional for several companies, both in Montreal and Bermuda, including PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and ING Risk Management Limited , I decided to launch my own business , focusing primarily on the accounting, tax and financial needs of small business owners, startups and independent contractors.

To date, I have helped many businesses, startups and self employed individuals, in a diverse range of industries, with their accounting setup and maintenance, financial reporting and tax obligations. I have also written several business books that attempt to help business owners at various stages in their journey.

When I’m not helping my clients save money and improve their financial operations, I like to blog about small business challenges, cook delicious food (or at least attempt it), read, travel and (formerly) torment my cat. I have been a regular guest on CJAD and CBC radio and have also been featured in and contributed to several media publications. You can listen to my latest “ask an expert” interview on CBC radio
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