Julia Thorley
Services Offered
Editing and proofreading
Most Recent Book Title
A Sparge Bag on the Washing Line
Book Description
When my husband retired, I kept a diary of his first year. I didn't tell him, because I didn't want him to start acting out of character or doing amusing things on purpose. I neededn't have worried. The result is an honest and, I hope, touching and amusing, account of those twelve long months and how we both adapted to a new way of rubbing along together.
Additional Book Titles
Stripped-Back Yoga
The Little Guide to Teaching yoga in the Gym
Location (city/state/country)
Northamptonshire, UK
Author bio
Julia Thorley has spent most of her professional life in publishing one way or another as proofreader, writer, editor and puzzle compiler. She has contributed articles to various magazines over the years, ranging from OM Yoga & Lifestyle to Picture Postcard Monthly. Her current writing passion is creative non-fiction of varying lengths, including her most recent book A Sparge Bag on the Washing Line, a diary of her husband’s first year of retirement, written without his knowledge but published with his generous consent! Her fiction writing is short and to the point, as evidenced in her two collections Nine Lives and Tasting Strangers, and she has had modest success in the women’s magazine market and competitions. Away from the keyboard, she is a keen supporter of the local arts scene in its broadest sense. She can sing a little, dance a little, play the piano and the ukulele, and sit in the Lotus position, though not necessarily all at the same time.
Professional Speaker Topics
Creative writing in general or tailored to a particular theme - recent workshops have been prompted by 'Bats', 'Birds' and 'Adders'. Also a qualified yoga teacher.
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