Liz Green
Services Offered
Editing, Book Coaching, Ghostwriting, Speaking
Location (city/state/country)
Kimberley, BC, Canada
Author bio
Liz Green is the editor, book coach, and ghostwriter behind Green Goose Writing. She helps people who want to write a book they know will inspire others but are stuck trying to get the words on the page. They’re used to getting things done and are frustrated that, for some reason, their book just isn’t working. But they know now is the time to push through and do this. She helps them finally finish their book and feel proud of sharing their experiences with the world.

She’s ghostwritten sixteen self-help, big idea, and memoir books, and edited countless others. They include books on business diversity, gender equality, business culture and leadership, health and wellness, military life, trauma recovery, and inspirational stories. Many of these books have received Amazon’s best-seller status and range from 4.6 to 5 stars on Amazon reviews.

Liz is a member of the Association of Ghostwriters and the Non-Fiction Authors Association. She has a post-graduate degree in journalism and a background in public relations, marketing, and sales. For future projects, she’s particularly excited to work on memoirs and self-help books that encourage diversity and equality.

Originally from England, Liz also lived in France, Austria, and New Zealand before settling in a small ski town in the mountains of BC, Canada. She lives there now with her husband, their son, and a small collection of animals. Depending on the weather, she spends her free time skiing, hiking, paddle boarding, boating, or finding other ways to get muddy with the family.
Professional Speaker Topics
1. How to Know If You’re Ready to Write A Book Right Now

Do your attendees want to write a book but struggle to find the time? Are they balancing a million things and wondering if now is the right time to write their book? In this talk, they’ll learn the three steps to decide if they should focus on their book now, and what to do once they know. They’ll leave with peace around their decision—either way—and feeling so damn good.

Social media buzzwords: #finallyfeelingpeace, #imdoingthis, #imsayingno
Can be adapted for: keynote presentations and workshops
Works: in-person and online

2. So Your Writing’s Stuck. That Doesn’t Mean You Suck.

Are your attendees already writing books? If so, there’s a really good chance their writing has—or will soon—stall out. They’ll get stuck in the writing process, and it will make them feel like they suck. This talk will reassure them that this is a normal part of the writing experience and give them solid steps to plow through. They’ll feel inspired to keep writing and sharing their ideas with the world.

Social media buzzwords: #idontsuck, #writinglife, #icandothis
Can be adapted for: keynote presentations and seminars
Works: in-person and online

3. Bust Through Writer’s Block: Live Book Coaching Hot Seats

Have you ever watched someone transformed in front of your eyes? You can feel the energy in the air. The power is electrifying. With live book coaching hot seats, we invite attendees onto the stage for one-on-one coaching in front of the audience. They get fast and surprisingly profound help to break through their writing blocks. The audience is energized as they watch their peer’s total transformation from bummed-out to beautifully inspired.

Social media buzzwords: #watchingmagic #inspired #bustingwritersblock
Can be adapted for: seminars and workshops
Works: in-person and online
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