Brandie A. Allen
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The Power of Self-Mastery: Changing Your Life Through Discovery, Exploration, and Transformation
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Newport Beach, CA
Author bio
Brandie A. Allen is the Author of The Power of Self-Mastery and the host of the Podcast with the same name. Brandie has a master’s degree in social work and is currently pursuing a master’s of arts in consciousness and transformative studies. She is a certified domestic violence professional, and a mental health advocate. She has been studying mental health since the nineties, and she has studied consciousness and metaphysics since 2014. Assisting others on the journey of transformation is what most inspires her.
Brandie a life-long spiritual seeker. Her writing is enriched by her sound knowledge of the subconscious, along with her training and experiences as a hypnotherapist. In her book, The Power of Self Mastery, Brandie offers practical wisdom to help you navigate through dark times and adversity. This inspirational guide will be the lighthouse you need to help you rediscover your self-worth, heal childhood wounds, stop negative thoughts and self-doubt, ultimately guiding you back to your true self.
Professional Speaker Topics
Healing, spirituality, awakening, trauma, childhood development, relationships, Law of Attraction, negative thinking, mental health, domestic violence, parental alienation
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