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Passionate Parent Passionate Couple
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Yes, It Really Is Possible to Be Great Parents and a Loving, Passionate Couple
“When you set your intentions and take sincere, positive actions you can still create and sustain the level of joy and excitement that originally drew you together.” Learn all about it in the Lessons in our book...
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Honolulu, Hi USA
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From our beginning we have strived to learn, listen, teach, and grow. Now, with love and gratitude we give thanks that as authors, keynote speakers, and workshop leaders our wisdom and insights have brought thousands of couples and families closer together than ever.
Today, our mission is to continue this effort through the new edition of our book, Passionate Parent Passionate Couple, and through our blogs, videos, and workshops.
We hope these gifts make your journey as parents and a couple the fun and fulfilling adventure God intended it to be.”
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Couple First Parenting
The Leading Cause of Divorce Is a Good Marriage
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Keep Your Passion Alive After the Children Arrive

  • Cover of Revised - Launching 8/31/21

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