Cee Cee H. Caldwell-Miller

Cee Cee H. Caldwell-Miller
Cee Cee H. Caldwell-Miller
Unspoken Words: “LOVE”
A collection of poetry about the ups, downs and turnarounds of love.
Be In Good Health
Network to Increase Your Net Worth
Cee Cee H. Caldwell- Miller is a native of Washington, DC and she now resides in Plainfield, New Jersey. Cee Cee H. Caldwell-Miller attended Trenton State College in Ewing Township, New Jersey where she received a B.A. in Communication and Theater with a minor in African American Studies. She worked in the following industries: real estate, healthcare, retail, banking, higher education and software before deciding to pursue her Master’s degree. Her love for helping people, since she was young caused her to receive a M.A. in Counseling, Human Services and Educational Leadership with a Substance Awareness Coordinator, Cert. of Eligibility. After receiving her M.A. she worked in Business Finance and City Government. She believes in continual education no matter what because knowledge is potential power.
Cee Cee has had a love for writing since she was 5 years old when her mother use to tell her to go write a story to get rid of her. Cee Cee began writing poetry, then she moved to writing one act plays, then into article/blog writing and finally to book writing. She believes that everyone has a story to tell. Her love for the written word has increased as the years have gone by. In 2008, Cee Cee released her 1st book titled Be in Good Health: Living a Life of Happiness, Wholeness and Wellness which endeavors to help people live their best life, from the inside out. In 2013 she co-authored the Best Selling Network to Increase your Net Worth. Stay tuned for her upcoming two new releases this year: Stewardship and Service: Our Way or God’s Way and The ABC’s of Business Basics.
She has helped many people on their journey to reach and attain BUSINESS & PERSONAL SUCCESS and WELLNESS.

Cee Cee is a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., Real Sisters Rising Women’s Business Association, Network for Women in Business, Business and Professional Women’s Federation, the National Mentoring Partnership and other associations, organizations and groups. Cee Cee is here through her writing/speaking- to help you reconnect with your passion, rediscover your strengths, regain your confidence, fulfill your purpose and gain business and personal achievement authentically.

Cee Cee currently resides in Plainfield, New Jersey with her husband and business partner J. T. Miller. Cee Cee believes that “You must READ, LEARN and DO to SUCCEED, because readers/ are leaders!” Cee Cee’s plans are to start a women’s theatrical ensemble, a youth entrepreneurship program for teenage girls, a humanitarian foundation and restoration center in the future. Through her speaking, workshops and books she hopes to Encourage, Enlighten, Educate and Empower others to walk in their GREATNESS by TRANSFORMING their lives and by living an AUTHENTIC AND INTENTIONAL LIFE ON PURPOSE! Her favorite scripture is “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

For more information or to schedule Cee Cee Caldwell-Miller AKA “The Wellness Architect” for your next company, organizational, ministry or business event/conference, Visit www.thewellnessarchitect.info
Email: ceeceespeaks@aol.com or call (908) 751-3830.

Being A Healthier U (Living Your Best Life From The Inside Out),
Wholistic Wellness for the Woman Behind the Brand,
The ABC’s of Business Basics for Startups
Success Principles
Passion and Purpose
Authentic Living by Design
Wellness In The Workplace
Time Management (Whose Time is it anyway)
The Art of Relaxing, Relating and Releasing (stress mgmt.)
Stewardship and Service (What are you here for?)
To Publish or Not To Publish

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

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