Gayle Suzanne

Gayle Suzanne
It’s In the Little Things
This book is a compilation of fifty short stories about the ups and downs of life. The stories are about pressing through difficult times and living a content and fulfilling life. Some stories are light hearted and funny and others are more emotional and deep. The reader will walk away with nuggets of wisdom and motivation to improve her life!
Charlton, MA USA
Gayle Suzanne, ACC, ALB is a best selling author, certified professional coach and speaker. She has a deep desire to help others see the good and beauty in themselves and live a fulfilling and happy life. She has been described as a brilliant storyteller and presents with compassion, humor and passion.
– breaking through limiting beliefs to achieve your desired goals
– presentation for those who want to write and self publish a book. How to begin, tips to get through the process, break through writers block, marketing, and finding your voice
– inner development. Life changing ideas to love yourself

At the end of my life I want to say to God, I used up all the gifts You gave me!