Erin Twamley
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Capturing Cow Farts and Burps
Book Description
How many cows live on Earth? There are nearly one and a half BILLION cows on our planet. And those cows have gas! A few gassy cows would not be a problem, but their burps and farts release methane. Too much of this gas causes problems for our planet. So, scientists, engineers, and farmers are working to make cows less gassy. From using lasers to feeding cows curry (What kind of curry do you think a cow likes -- red, green or yellow?), this book shares the science behind caring for our environment.
Additional Book Titles
Everyday Superheroes
Location (city/state/country)
Huntsville, Alabama, United Sates
Author bio
Erin Twamley is working to create a new generation of STEM Superheroes. As an author and educator, her STEM publications focus on sharing the adventures of STEM professionals and their use of six STEM superpowers. Currently, she has authored three five STEM-focused books for independent readers 8-12years old.

Erin provides author and S.T.E.M. encounters for schools and libraries. She loves to travel the world and has lived on three continents. She can be reached on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram at STEMSuperheroes or email her at

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