Flora Morris Brown
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Color Your Life Happy: Create Your Unique Path and Claim the Joy You Deserve
Book Description
During her career as a teacher, speaker, entrepreneur, and publishing coach, Flora Morris Brown helped thousands of students and clients reach their potential, create success, and enjoy happiness. She is often asked how she achieves and maintains her own happiness. In Color Your Life Happy, she shares how she and others make choices in keeping with their higher purpose and draw lessons and strength from sadness, grief, and adversity to create a unique life path. Amid inspirational quotes and highlights of research from the fields of science and psychology, we get glimpses into how Brown’s upbringing influenced her view of life along with personal stories of how she worked through difficult times. As she shares how she and her husband harmonized raising four children with their careers, you discover principles you can apply to embrace your own happiness and claim the joy you deserve.
Additional Book Titles
1. Getting Unstuck: How to Get Your Confidence Back and Follow Your Dream
2. How to Start a Successful Home Based Business
3. Everyday Happiness--Inspirational cards--mass market paperback
4. Quick and Easy Easter Recipes (Color Your Life Delicious Series)
5. Mother's Day Recipes: 30 Kid-Friendly & Dad-Approved Ways to Delight & Impress Mom (Color Your Life Delicious Series)
6. Slow Cooker Recipes for Potlucks and Parties: Get Excited About Cooking and Entertaining at Home Again (Color Your Life Delicious Series)

Location (city/state/country)
Anaheim, CA
Author bio
Flora Brown is an author, speaker, book coach, and a confirmed coffee snob with an unhealthy love of British murder mysteries. When she's not writing, travelling, or researching she helps aspiring authors steer clear of publishing pitfalls to potholes. Writing across several genres, her 11th book is the 2nd edition of Color Your Life Happy. Learn more about her and get free eBooks from her websites http://www.ColorYourLifeHappy.com and www.ColorYourLifePublished.com
Professional Speaker Topics
How to Get Your Confidence Back and Follow Your Dream
Want to grow your Business, Service, or Product? Do the Hokey Pokey!
Why Now is the Best Time to Write Your Book and How to Get Started
Pitfalls and Potholes to Avoid When You Self-Publish
Why Entrepreneurs Should Write and How to Get Started
Low to No-Cost Ways to Market Your Book, Business or Cause
How to Create Multiple Streams of Income from One Information Product
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Nobody becomes somebody without the help of somebody else.

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