Louise Crooks
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Stepping Stones to Success
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Anthology book of 15 authors including Jack Canfield and Deepak Chopra. Chapters cover varied aspects of success we can create in life and business. My chapter: Authenticity-The Path to Peace, Prosperity and Happiness explore how we can create a life and business that feels authentic and aligned with who we are, and ultimately how we can live our purpose through peeling away the layers through self-awareness and self-healing.
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Atlantic Highlands, NJ, USA
Author bio
Louise Crooks, aka The KeystoClarity! Coach, is an intuitive Holistic Business Coach, radio show host, speaker and co-author of Stepping Stones to Success also featuring Jack Canfield and Deepak Chopra. She supports soul-driven coaches, healing practitioners and transformational authors to create exponential and aligned VISIBILITY to get their message out into the world and get the attention of their IDEAL clients and readers. Louise’s clients are all about making a difference and so is she.
Louise does this through her KeystoClarity System for Success program, as well as her niching and visibility programs, working with clients in groups and in person. She has a great following on Facebook, and hosts 2 online radio shows that have 1000’s of listeners, and she supports her clients to leverage and create visibility through these mediums as well. She believes there is no cookie cutter solution to marketing, and she explores your unique path with you to create success. She also helps authors build their platform ready for their book launch, and has interviewed many new authors launching their books and published their interviews as the roving journalist for Published Magazine.
To learn more about Louise and her services, go to www.keystoclarity.com You’ll find her blog rich with topics all soul-opreneurs and authors would want to get their hands on!
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