Wendy C Li
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The Day I Said, "I Do"
Book Description
Running from her past Cameron agrees to a black-market green card marriage.

Michael is running from his country but with pending deportation orders he is forced into a black-market green card marriage.

On their own they were lost souls, but together became a family. Her life forever changed, “The Day I Said, ‘I Do”.
Additional Book Titles
It's a Life Thing (working title)
Location (city/state/country)
Roseville, CA
Author bio
Wendy C Li has combined her educational background and her inconceivable life experiences and has created a unique one-of-a-kind message. Wendy is heartfelt as she shares her unguarded struggles with depression, self-esteem, love, suicide, and religious beliefs. But most importantly, something we all face, trying to figure out where she belongs in this world.
Other topics Wendy writes about are her experiences as an adult survivor of molestation, cross-cultural issues, green card marriage, woman entrepreneurship, adopting abroad, and living with a learning disability.
Wendy chooses to live a life with purpose and passion she believes all things happen for a reason, including her life’s journey, and wouldn’t change a thing. She hopes to be an inspiration to all!
Professional Speaker Topics
• Life After Your Child’s Special Needs Diagnosis,
• Attitude, Action & Association,
• Adult Survivor of Molest,
• Cross-Cultural Issues,
• Woman Entrepreneurship,
• Raising Special Needs Children,
• Listening Skills,
• Adopting Children Abroad,
• Emotional Intelligence,
• Living with Chronic Pain,
• Mind Mastery,
• At-Risk Teens,
• Learning Disability.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

I may be broken, but I choose to live, love, and laugh anyway!

  • The Day I Said, "I Do"

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