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A Mother's Journey Through Her Daughter's Pain
Book Description
A true story revealing the raw emotions of a Mother's ups and downs as her daughter battles breast cancer. In A Mother's Journey Through Her Daughter's Pain, you should be able to find hope and encouragement. A collection of poems that takes you on a journey that explores every aspect of emotions, such as joy, pain, sorrow,fear, hope,despair and victory.
Location (city/state/country)
Birmingham, AL/ Jefferson
Author bio
Alexis White Thomas is a freelance writer and poet. She has a number of poems published in the International Library Of Poetry, has also received numerous best poet awards. Alexis is so excited about the written word. She is a devout Christian, retired nurse, married to Ricky Thomas, her husband of forty years, mother of two, grandmother of four and great grandmother of one. To God be the glory.
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With God all things are possible.

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