Dina Eisenberg JD
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Fiverr: The Essential Buying Guide
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The first book devoted to helping micro-biz owners harness the power of outsourcing to grow your income and leverage your time.
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Oakland, Ca
Author bio
Wouldn't it be great to press the EASY button and get out of overwhelm? I can help.

I'm Dina, an Outsourcing & Automation mentor who was formerly an attorney and Ombudsman. As my consulting and training company grew, I discovered outsourcing helped me get more done in a day and still have energy to try new things --all without breaking the bank. Now, I'm a veteran with over 100 successful transactions on sites like online outsourcing sites like Elance, Fiverr and Guru.

I love showing businesses like yours how to streamline their workload, reduce expenses and grow their revenues and markets by outsourcing better. Outsourcing and delegation aren't hard, but it helps to have someone experienced to guide you in how to optimize your time and maximize results. You can sit with me to strategize how to accomplish your project and the best resources at a Clarity Consultation. And when you're ready to step up, your Audit will plot out your outsourcing opportunities for a whole quarter.

I lead the Insiders Club, where you can get the inside scoop on how to outsource like a BOSS! Members enjoy access to the Library of Planners (instruction sheets complete with Providers), a new Planner each month, monthly group coaching and video tutorials and tool recommendations. VIPInsiders also enjoy a weekly Office Hour for questions.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Your job is to have ideas, not do them.

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