Rabbi Rob
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Speaker, Bar & Bat Mitzvah, Marriage
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Narrative Leadership: Leading with Elegance, Efficiency, And Efficacy
Book Description
Understanding organizations, people, and management through narrative and science. Managing people and organizations have few similarities to the technical aspects of the people and organizations they lead. Managers try to lead using techniques that gained them acclaim in their previous work. this has created many of the ills that trouble modern corporations. This book offers a scientifically and psychologically based alternative.
Additional Book Titles
Creating A Story That Works: Shema as guide for how managers listen to and lead people towards unity.
Location (city/state/country)
Trout Lake/ WA/ USA
Author bio
Rabbi Rob Abramovitz M.Div, MBA is a contemporary renaissance man. His brilliant mind and active curiosity have led him to explore and gain wisdom about living and working in the world. Rob is an innovator, Both in technology and in life: he holds two patents in the personal computer market, has designed supercomputers, telecommunication equipment and biomedical equipment, and managed international operations. Rob brings this innovation to the people he manages. with over 25 years of experience, he loves the complexities of interpersonal relations and intercultural corporations.
Rob's current passion is understanding the world of the ancient Israelites. He applies his deep knowledge of narrative psychology and love of research to enlighten the writings of the Israelites. His concentration is the era between 100 CE and 350 BCE.
Professional Speaker Topics
Leadership, Understanding the Hebrew Scriptures as the ancient Israelites understood them, Understanding the Gospels as the ancient Israelites understood them

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