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The Shadows of Nikki
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You are about to take a journey back in time. This story takes place some forty years ago, where the word “abuse” was considered taboo.

Within the pages of this book, is the horrific story of one little girl's life. Nikki’s adopted parents, the Taylor's, had the entire justice system convinced that Nikki was insane.

Nikki had been living in an unthinkable hell for years. Unfortunately, when the truth finally came to light, it was too late.

Her story is one of the most shocking cases of child abuse, which never had the chance to be heard. It is time to hear Nikki’s story, the side no one would listen to, until now.

“The Shadows of Nikki,” is based on a true story of adoption and abuse.

What you are about to read, is graphic and terrifying. This book is not intended for under the age of seventeen. Parental discretion is advised.

This is the new challenge for the world to embrace. It is called child abuse. We have the power to stop this vicious cycle that has plagued our children for years.

I Christine D. Patterson will donate fifty cent for every digital version of “The Shadows of Nikki” that is sold to help stop child abuse. For every book that is sold I will donate one dollar.
This book is the new version of the 2007 edition.
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The world, I use as a canvas to reflect on what I see. Many are blind to what is happening in the world today.
Time is short - What you do with your time reflects on your own destiny. I am not afraid to write what I feel. "I am afraid that you will not listen until it is too late."

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