Jo Kline, J.D.
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Author and speaker on health care access and medical decision making
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Patient or Pawn?: Epic fails in health care, the approaching perfect storm and strategies for self-preservation
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For decades, health care’s policy makers and stakeholders have ignored 1) America’s inevitable aging demographics, 2) the troubling spread of chronic medical conditions in all age groups and 3) the mass exodus of health care professionals. They have no plans to address the crisis of access being triggered by this perfect storm of health care. In Patient or Pawn? you will learn the disturbing history of their epic fails, the indisputable realities that are already evident and the critical strategies you need now for self-preservation.
Patient or Pawn? isn't a fix for America's health care system. It's a strategy for self-preservation in a perfect storm.
Additional Book Titles
The 60-Minute Guide to Health Literacy
The practical guide to Health Care Advance Directives
EXIT - A novel about dying
SO GROWS THE TREE - Creating an Ethical Will
The Workshop Edition of SO GROWS THE TREE
Principles of Tax-deferred Exchanging
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West Des Moines, Iowa
Author bio
Jo Kline is an attorney, an expert on health literacy and a tireless advocate for patients' rights. She is also a Baby Boomer. Like many of her followers and readers, she became interested in the issue of medical decision making after witnessing a loved one's end of life. Soon after, while serving as volunteer chair of Iowa's largest hospice, Jo began to research, speak and write about the crucial role of advocacy in health care decision making. That was over 20 years ago. Much later, it was Jo's own medical crisis that taught her what it means to be truly health literate, and that led her to recognize the perfect storm threatening access to and delivery of health care in America.
When Jo began to write Patient or Pawn?, her mission was simple. First, to explore and reveal the demographics of aging and chronic illness that threaten patient rights to consent, autonomy and safety; and second, to share the health literacy strategies needed for self-preservation. More than 500 scholarly and statistical resources later, that's exactly what she has done.
Jo is also the author of The Practical Guide to Health Care Advance Directives, The 60-Minute Guide to Health Literacy and the award-winning SO GROWS THE TREE – Creating an Ethical Will. Among other print, online and broadcast media, Jo has been featured in The New York Times, Reader’s Digest, The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Des Moines Register. She is a contributor to online news outlets, a frequent guest essayist for The Des Moines Register and the author of its ten-week series Health Literacy 101.
Professional Speaker Topics
The Approaching Perfect Storm of Health Care
Death: The Ultimate Adverse Event
How to Avoid Being an Invisible Patient
Where did all these Baby Boomers come from?
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Demography is destiny. - Auguste Comte

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