Bettina “Sparkles” Obernuefemann
Services Offered
Trauma Spiritual Mentorship
Most Recent Book Title
SPIRITUALITY: Modern Disciple of Jesus Christ
Book Description
For seekers to have a more loving relationship with God. Simple power inspirations.
Additional Book Titles
FLYING WITH GOD, Putting on a Happy Face; SET YOUR PTSD FREE, 7 Effective Ways to Heal Trauma
Location (city/state/country)
Author bio
Author shares what worked to heal her PTSD and Spiritual Journey
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

As children of God we are all sparkles and our purpose is to expand our love to help our soul grow.

  • Author holding her bk. SET PTSD FREE
  • Bettina “Sparkles” Obernuefemann
  • Bettina Sparkles, author, ret. Flight Attendant

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